Hotel La Perla

Tradition of Hospitality

“La Perla” Hotel is, first of all, a philosophy.

The philosophy is the one of simplicity, of authenticity as well as of the long tradition of a large, dignified and authentic local family which – in perfect and harmonic consistence with the shy Sardinian kindness – opened the doors of its house to the “continentali‘* from the end of the ‘60s.
Since then, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge and what at the time was a simple neighbourhood guesthouse is today a starred hotel, in the heart of the city.

Behind its simple formula of hospitality you will discover a matriarchal family, in which grandma Maria Chiara still carefully oversees the whole management of her family which – from day one – managed this little pearl downtown Cagliari in total autonomy.

* Foreigners coming from the rest of Italy [maybe: this is how Sardinians would refer to foreigners coming from the rest of Italy]